Michael Ratajczak & Co. are one of the oldest hair merchants in the UK holding vast stocks of the finest quality European hair for wigs, hair pieces and hair extensions. As solely hair merchants we pride ourselves on the knowledge and skill that is required in sourcing superior quality hair and then working the raw product into a luxurious item giving the wig maker or extensionist the main tool that is needed to enhance the hairstyle into a wonderful creation.

We specialise in supplying European hair that is only the very best quality that has been hand-picked and imported ourselves and prepared in-house giving the client the continuity of quality that is expected and deserved. All of the hair we produce receives expert workmanship that has taken years perfecting the product we are very proud to supply today.

Michael Ratajczak has been supplying hair to celebrities for many years. Many of our clients are stylists to the stars past and present.